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Way of the Priestess

Year LongĀ Mystery School and Women's Circle Facilitation Training

Womb Healing

1:1 Sessions to Heal Past Trauma and Activate Your Manifestation Power

EFT Tapping

Become a Practitioner and Rewire Core Beliefs With This Powerful Healing Modality

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Calling all Healers, Wisdom Keepers, Teachers, Earth Protectors and Highly Sensitive People Ready to Live and Serve at Their Highest Potential



Find confidence in your voice as a leader, teacher and healer


Heal wounds of the past and repattern core limiting beliefs


Joining together so we don't have to walk this path alone

"Meredith is such a beautiful, kind hearted and supportive soul sister and I am so honoured to have had the pleasure of learning from her. The peace, the inner calm and strong sense of self that I have now as a result of beautiful Meredith is something that I am so very grateful for."

Karissa Howard
Soulful Guide, Australia

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"I was drawn to Meredithā€™s feminine and spiritual approach. I absolutely loved working with her and I cannot believe everything that came to fruition ā€“ everything I intended and more."

Sierra Rose
Yoga Teacher & Intuitive Guide

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Why your gifts and this role is so needed at this time

6 spiritual tools for times of rapid acceleration and ascension

Practices to clear and heal the 5 core wounds of the priestess

Pillars of the priestess path + how to activate your soul gifts for world change