Mystery School + Women's Circle Facilitation Training


We Begin in September 2024

Join Meredith Rom and an intimate group of Rising Women Leaders for a year long online immersion into the Priestess Path


Calling all Healers, Wisdom-Keepers, Teachers, Earth Protectors, Sacred Activists, and Highly Sensitive Women Ready to Live and Serve at their Highest Potential


Join us on a Path of 

Beauty, Devotion & Service

A Path of Sacred Feminine Leadership

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Priestess: a space-holder, leader of a movement, of highest service to collective awakening, a vessel for the divine, a living embodiment of love

Initiation: a series of ceremonies or rituals marking entrance into a new way of being


Learn more about the Priestess Path in this article, “Seven Signs You’re a Modern Day Priestess”

A Living Embodiment of Love

Join us as we explore Core Values of:

Femininity, Devotion, Wildness, Compassion, Boundaries, Prosperity, Service, Love, Leadership & Vision

Each month in the program includes:

+ sisterhood video calls
+ facilitation skills
+ priestess wisdom + practices
+ new and full moon rituals
+ guest mentor videos
+ private healing sessions

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Download the Program Guide

When you fill out this form you will be able to download the program guide to see all the details.

"I feel healthier, safer, more courageous, more connected and more abundant."

This program has allowed me to heal to live a more authentic life. I have always felt connected to my role as a priestess and intuitively lived my life as one. Meredith’s program allowed me to get more clear around my purpose and gave me the tools to bring more of this side of myself into the world. Through healing trauma, setting strong boundaries , ending and healing some of my relationships I now have more energy for my private life, as well as my business. Although we are in the middle of a global pandemic I have had my best business year since becoming a mother. I love the whole structure of the program, the empowering group calls as well as the countless videos and audios to deepen on each topic. I was able to follow through on this program in my own rhythm.

~ Theres Reich-Guggenbühl, Switzerland


Join us in Sisterhood as We Purify, Activate and Align

Claim your Role as a Priestess

We will join together to reveal a deeper meaning of existence, and anchor into our living as an embodiment of love to serve our planet and future generations.

We recognize the enormous privilege to have access to these teachings and each year offer scholarships to make this program accessible to those who need it most.

Partial Scholarships are available for need-based and women of color. Download the Program Guide and book a call to inquire. You may also email [email protected]



“If you are considering this course then I encourage you to listen to your intuition because it will be the biggest blessing to enter your life.”

I have loved everything about this course: Meredith's an excellent teacher who is patient and calm yet encouraging and assertive, I have loved spending time getting to know the other women on the course and I particularly enjoyed having an accountability sister who I have so much in common with it has been wonderful to walk this path together.

The content each month is everything I could have hoped for and more. Each month is filled with useful resources and information. Meredith gives a solid foundation for stepping into the Priestess path by combining spiritual tips and techniques with actionable steps.

Not only have I grown as a person but I can also see how this has helped to shape my business and guide it to a new space which is really exciting. I particularly enjoyed the group calls twice a month with some wonderful guest speakers and the private coaching sessions with Meredith were a real bonus for self healing.

~ Marilys Dehez, Soul Purpose Mentor


Download the Program Guide


When you fill out this form you will be sent the program guide with all the details.

"Being in Meredith's presence, whether it is in a 1:1 coaching call or within the larger container of the Way of the Priestess program, I am always able to drop in to healing and my heart's wisdom deeply and easefully. "

One thing that absolutely blew my mind was how my life lessons synchronized each month with the respective goddess energy that we were learning about in the program. There was so much ongoing support throughout the 10 months to help me integrate the teachings, which was absolute perfection on every level.

Ultimately, this program walked me through one of my biggest initiations in this life that is Love - from rejecting so many aspects of myself and others that I deemed unworthy of love, to being able to choose to look through the lens of Love and recognize the Divine in every being, this transformation has been so important to me as I step into my role as a healer, a teacher, a priestess, a creatrix. I have also cultivated a much more profound connection to myself and the Divine, which is a really empowering medicine to receive.

~ Casey Chan, Leadership Coach, Hong Kong